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Saturday, 31 January 2015

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Ocean Star Empire - Dots On Maps (Album Release Mix)
Sunday, 04 January 2015

Ocean Star Empire - Dots On Maps (Album Release Mix)

January 7th @ 19:00 CET

Dear listeners you MUST not miss this show and after the show you WILL buy this album for sure!
This album is without any doubts unique and the new project of Faxi  Nadu  and Oss Vaisband.

Deep and melodic space stories from far away places and times. Psychedelic trance music that has a little
something from everything - goa, prog, fullon, forest. Touch the past, reach the future - welcome to the theater
of sound, welcome to the Ocean Star Empire.


He Who Has The Heart Of An Explorer And The Soul Of A Poet
Touch The Past
Reach The Future


 All tracks produced by Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon),
Kyle Ramos
Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband (Faxi Nadu) at

Mastering by Makus
Graphic Design by Fernando Hood
Illustations by Yael Eshkar

Our ships can travel at about 75-85% the speed of light. Our chronicles mention that about
500 years ago our people began to explore beyond the ocean star, reaching out in three
directions towards the brightest lights in the sky.

As one colony matured, another fleet journeyed on. It is our belief that our kind have
traveled roughly two hundred years of light, spawning from the Ocean Star.

Our group, it is told, has traveled to the farthest reaches, towards the pinnacle of light,
the top dot of the map.

It has been many cycles since our kind have had contact with the other commons...
Have they perished? Have we ventured so deep into space as to isolate ourselves
or has a dark tragedy erased our proud past?

Far beyond the farthest light is the domain of the galactic empire, hailing from the deep
valley's of the ocean star, flowing down the river of time through the raise and fall of civilizations.

Ocean Star Empire is a psychedelic goa trance act touching three dots on one map -
Nomad Moon from Portugal, Bachanalian Bass from the USA and Faxi Nadu from Israel.

Communication was a path to a vision, vision ionized into action, and action was transposed
into music. Traveling the sonic wormholes through the golden times to the space age, with a
deep respect to the hypnotic goa giants of history and an eye blink towards the timeless future.

Bacchanalian Bass
Kyle Ramos from the U.S.A. joined Ocean Star Empire after the first album, The Purest Form.
Bacchanalian Bass produces a strange form of trance that is not exactly Psytrance or Goa,
but more influenced by Deep House sounds and gray Ambient moods inspired by his surroundings
of pine trees and American history and love of archaic romanticism, gaslight-illuminated night
ambiences, and all things surreal.

Nomad Moon
Nuno Muacho from Portugal, loving and producing psy since 2006. Into the fusion of the old and the
new from goa to fullon and everything in between. Defender of the truth and of planet earth,
Nomad Moon waits patiently for the day of first contact and is always ready with some goatrance
for the coming visitors.

Faxi Nadu
Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband, citizens of planet earth and living in Israel. Producing music since
2000. Faxi Nadu music features philosophical musings presented through varied psytrance and
techno stories. Exploring human nature and the interaction of past and future - part space exploration
and part forgotten elven bard songs.


Buy Album






Special Release Show: VA Level Up / Loose Records (Japan)
Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Special Release Show: VA Level Up / Loose Records (Japan)

December 26th @ 18:00 CET


Level Up! Loose Records presents its second VA compilation featuring internationally renowned artists. From fresh uplifting vibes to vigorous and potent beats,
Level Up slams 14 tracks crafted by the finest producers for everyone. Load your system with this VA and Level Up!




You can pre-order this outstanding VA at  Loose Records

 loose-em-level-up-va-front-cover-400.jpg loose-em-level-up-va-track-list-400.jpg
to set free – our motto

free from confinement – what we believe music should be about
not firmly or tightly fixed in place – our values

Co-founded by Full Propulsion and Loose Cannon in 2013, Loose Records is an Electronic Music Label from Tokyo, created in response to the ever increasing fast changing pace in the world of Electronic Music.

Loose Records provides professional artists' bookings and media, audio mastering services and design services worldwide. Provide your audience with unique artists who stand out from the norm with their performance and out of this world music. Upgrade your music with Loose Records Mastering Services and forge optimal artist image and presence with Loose Records Design and Media.

We live in an era where there are countless genres of electronic music with standardized confined releases being put into the market daily. With so many sub-genres merging with each other, it is becoming virtually impossible to distinguish and label them and music has almost lost its meaning. Yet, most players decide to go down this road.

So, we are Loose. It is our motto, what we believe music should be about and our values.

Release Live Set recorded by Full Propulsion vs Astral Minds.

Full Propulsion: http://looserecords.org/en/fullpropulsion.php
Astral Minds: http://looserecords.org/en/astralMinds.php


01. Beat Hackers Vs Didrapest - Change Our Fate
02. Full Propulsion - Plastic Sensations
03. Gravity - The Duck Side of the Moon
04. Optimize vs Shadai - Out of the sky (The capos RMX)
05. Electro Vision - Artipot
06. Overdrive - Galaxya
07. Full Propulsion - Front Burner (Neurotransistor Remix)
08. Audio Core - Staggered (Insignia Remix)
09. Dual Filters - Zen Philosophy
10. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box (GB Remix)
11. Noise Bomb & Counteractive  - Tokyo Sunset
12. Neurotransistor - DMT
13. Koatl - Infinite Matter
14. Analog Sync - Gather Mind

Artist: Loose EM Various Artists
Title: Level Up
Label: Loose EM
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2014/12/28



Introducing DJ Ganeshi (Germany)
Saturday, 06 November 2010

Introducing DJ Ganeshi (Germany)

Get ready @ 13th December @ 19:00 CET

I am very happy to announce this special show to introduce DJ Ganeshi. 

"Hello freaks, my name is Ronny aka DJ Ganeshi. I am 31 years old - born in Germany (Rostock).
I started to spin the turntables around 1999 with mostly Techno (Carl Cox, Gayle Sun or Jeff Milz style).

Later i switched more into Minimal Techno. But then ....eleven years ago i found my new love and i was infected
by Psytrance/Forest!

Everything i do i do with heart and passion!

Since February 2014 i am proud to be a label DJ of Visionary Shamanics Records!"


 ganeshi_decks.jpg Tracklist:                                    

02.Gnohm-Open Cluster
03.White Wi zard-The Silicon Sound
04.Papiyan-Charlie Sheen
05.Propagul-Awesome Shrooms
08.Magic Seeds-Extraterrestrial
09.Humanoid Interface-Nav Jeeva
10.Propagul&Kerlivin-Another Variant
11.Hokus Pokus-Ursus                                               
 Website / Contacts

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ShamanisticVisions

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