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Friday, 18 April 2014

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Alphas Crazy Sounds
Thu, May 1st, @8:00pm - 10:00
Alphas Crazy Sounds
Introducing Forest Bamp (Spain;Madrid) With a nice Forest Set - Psylloween
Saturday, 15 February 2014

Introducing  Forest Bamp (Spain;Madrid)

With a nice Forest Set - Psylloween

Tune in saturday 22th February @ 18:00 CET


"I am Forest Bamp, from Madrid, Spain. Ive been mixing psytrance since 2008, i started with forest 2 years ago, I play for Popol Vuh Records, from Mexico, and Darkpsy Love, a crew from Spain.

I really like old forest, projects such as Hokus Pokus, GOW, Derango... They always have room in my sets. I am releasen my first VA project called "El Oraculo", that means The Oracle, in the beginning of march, with artists such as Jangaramongara, Taakelaur, Atomental, Propagul, Psychederic... And many more.

It will be a Free release!! this is my sound cloud:
This great set was  played at the Psylloween party,
31/10/13, Avila, Spain.


 CONTACTThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Introducing Plasmasphere Productions With a Live! Set from Psycharge (Singapore)
Sunday, 02 February 2014

Introducing  Plasmasphere Productions
With a Live! Set from Psycharge (Singapore)

Tune in 8th February @ 18:00 CET



Psycharge Live At Psychosonica

Plasmasphere Productions is an independent record label that DEVELOPS, PROMOTES AND MANAGES ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC ARTISTS around the globe.

Plasmasphere Productions operates in the electronic dance music industry and also with associated event industry, specializing in genres such as Psychedelic trance, Progressive trance, Chill out, Ambient and experimental music.

Plasmasphere Productions provides platform to new and experienced, talented, professional and resourceful music producers as well as disc jockeys, offering professional music production assistance, along with effective offline and online promotion. The record label also comprises of production and distribution of music albums(physical and digital),aiming to deliver high quality music to its audience.

 Psycharge is a solo project started in 2008 by Wal.Born in 1982, Wal started to show interest in music when he was very young. Then he started to be involved in several punk bands in Singapore playing the guitars and bass since his teenage years, so it was only natural that when his close and longtime friend Psy-Yang ?rst introduced Psytrance to him, he immediately fell in love with the pounding beats and aggression from dark psy and forest tunes.

Drawing inspiration from his time when he was in a band, he tries to blend it with hypnotic tunes, deep basslines surrounded by elements of forest creatures and atmospheres while aiming to create an alternate and deep dimension for listeners who enjoy night time music.

 CONTACTThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


GB - Watching You : Release Show: Loose Records (Japan)
Wednesday, 15 January 2014

GB - Watching You : Release Show: Loose Records (Japan)

January 21th @ 20:00 CET



Loose Records first EP release is coming up!

"Watching You", based on the George Orwell's novel 1984, will be out in February!

Loose Records partner radios will feature "Watching You" and broadcast a brand new live set from the 4 tracks of GB's EP.

 - to set free – is our motto. 
- free from confinement – is what we believe music should be about. 
- not firmly or tightly fixed in place – are our values. 

Founded by Full Propulsion in 2013, Loose Records is a Japanese Electronic Music Record Label that was created in response to the ever increasing fast changing pace in the world of Electronic Music.

We live in an era where there are countless genres of electronic music with standardized confined releases being put into the market daily. With so many sub-genres merging with each other, it is becoming virtually impossible to distinguish and label them and music has almost lost its meaning. Yet, most players decide to go down this road.

So, we are Loose. It is our motto, what we believe music should be about and our values.

Loose Records Music provides professional worldwide bookings, mastering and design services. 
Take your audience through the ultimate dancing and listening adventure from studios of the finest producing international artists straight into the dance floor. 
 Track Listing:

1. Enoshima Sunset
2. Watching Me
3. Almost There
4. Candy Flipping

Release Date: February 2014

GB Artist Page:

Loose Records Website:

Loose Records Mailing List:



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